Fan/graphics board heat sink assembly Laptop elitebook HP Мобильная рабочая станция HP EliteBook 8760w

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Lift the heat sink/fan assembly (3) straight up to remove it.


Due to the adhesive quality of the thermal material located between the fan/graphics

board heat sink assembly and graphics board components, it may be necessary to move the
graphics board heat sink from side to side to detach it from the system board.


The thermal material must be thoroughly cleaned from the surfaces of the graphics

board heat sink and the graphics board each time the graphics board heat sink is removed:
Thermal paste is used on the largest component (1) on the graphics board and the graphics
board heat sink section (2) that services it. Thermal pads are used on the other graphics board
components (3) and the graphics board heat sink sections (4) that service them.

Reverse this procedure to install the fan/graphics board heat sink assembly.


Chapter 4   Removal and replacement procedures