Buttons and fingerprint reader Laptop elitebook HP Мобильная рабочая станция HP EliteBook 8760w

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Buttons and fingerprint reader





TouchPad on/off button

Turns the TouchPad on and off.


Power button

When the computer is off, press the button to turn on
the computer.

When the computer is on, press the button briefly to
initiate Sleep.

When the computer is in the Sleep state, press the
button briefly to exit Sleep.

When the computer is in Hibernation, press the button
briefly to exit Hibernation.

If the computer has stopped responding and Windows
shutdown procedures are ineffective, press and hold the
power button for at least 5 seconds to turn off the computer.

To learn more about your power settings:

Windows 7—Select Start > Control Panel > System
and Security
 > Power Options.

Windows Vista—Select Start > Control Panel >
System and Maintenance
 > Power Options

Or refer to the HP Notebook Reference Guide.


Wireless button

Turns the wireless feature on or off but does not establish a
wireless connection.


Volume mute button

Mutes and restores speaker sound.