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Backup and recovery

Windows 7

To protect your information, use Windows Backup and Restore to back up individual files and folders,
back up your entire hard drive (select models only), create system repair discs (select models only),
or create system restore points. In case of system failure, you can use the backup files to restore the
contents of your computer.

Windows Backup and Restore provides the following options:

Creating a system repair disc (select models only)

Backing up individual files and folders

Creating a system image (select models only)

Scheduling automatic backups (select models only)

Creating system restore points

Recovering individual files

Restoring the computer to a previous state

Recovering information using recovery tools


For detailed instructions, perform a search for these topics in Help and Support.


In case of system instability, HP recommends that you print the recovery procedures and

save them for later use.

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