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Computer Setup menus

The menu tables in this section provide an overview of Computer Setup options.


Some of the Computer Setup menu items listed in this chapter may not be supported by

your computer.

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System Information

View identification information for the computer and the
batteries in the system.

View specification information for the processor, cache
and memory size, system ROM, video revision, and
keyboard controller version.

Set System Date and Time

Set or change the date and time on the computer.

System Diagnostics

Displays the following information:

System Information

Identification information for the computer and the
batteries in the system.

Specification information for the processor, cache
and memory size, system ROM, video revision,
and keyboard controller version.

Start-up Test–Verifies the system components needed
for starting the computer.

Run in Test–Runs a comprehensive check on system

Hard Disk Test–Runs a comprehensive self-test on any
hard drive in the system.

Memory Test–Runs a comprehensive test on any
memory installed in the computer.

Battery Test–Runs a comprehensive test on any
batteries installed in the computer.

Error Log–Displays a log file if any errors have

Restore defaults

Replace the configuration settings in Computer Setup with
the original factory settings. (Hard drive mode, password
settings, and security settings are not changed when you
restore the factory settings.)

Reset BIOS security to factory default

Restore the BIOS security settings to the factory default.

Ignore changes and exit

Cancel any changes entered during the current session.
Then exit and restart the computer.

Save changes and exit

Save any changes entered during the current session. Then
exit and restart the computer. Your changes go into effect
when the computer restarts.

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