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USB Type C power charging ports (2)

Connect a USB Type-C AC adapter to provide power to the 
computer, connect a USB device with a Type-C connector, and can 
charge products such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, and MP3 
players, even when the computer is off.


Adapters (purchased separately) may be required.


AC adapter and battery light

White: The AC adapter is connected and the battery is 

Amber: The AC adapter is connected and the battery is 

Off: The computer is using battery power.


USB 3.0 port

Connects an optional USB device, such as a keyboard, mouse, 
external drive, or USB hub.


Audio-out (headphone)/Audio-in (microphone) 
combo jack

Connects optional powered stereo speakers, headphones, 
earbuds, a headset, or a television audio cable. Also connects an 
optional headset microphone. This jack does not support optional 
microphone-only devices.


To reduce the risk of personal injury, adjust 

the volume before putting on headphones, earbuds, or a headset.


When a device is connected to the jack, the computer 

speakers are disabled.


Be sure that the device cable has a 4-conductor connector 

that supports both audio-out (headphone) and audio-in 


Chapter 2   External component identification