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LCD Monitor Quality and Pixel Policy 


The HP LCD Monitor uses high-precision technology, manufactured according to high standards, to help 
guarantee trouble-free performance. Nevertheless, the display may have cosmetic imperfections that appear as 
small bright or dark spots. This is common to all LCD displays used in products supplied by all vendors and is not 
specific to the HP LCD Monitor. These imperfections are caused by one or more defective pixels or subpixels.  


A pixel consists of one red, one green, and one blue subpixel. 


A defective whole pixel is always turned on (a bright spot on a dark background), or it is always off (a dark 
spot on a bright background). The first is the more visible of the two. 


A defective subpixel (dot defect) is less visible than a defective whole pixel and is small and only visible on a 
specific background. 

To locate defective pixels, the monitor should be viewed under normal operating conditions and in normal 
operating mode at a supported resolution and response rate, from a distance of approximately 50 cm (16 in). 

We expect that, over time, the industry will continue to improve its ability to produce displays with fewer cosmetic 
imperfections, and we will adjust guidelines as improvements are made. 

For more information about your w19b / w19e / W19q LCD Monitor, refer to the HP Web site at: