Problem & Question Monitor pavilion HP HP Pavilion 19 inch Flat Panel Monitors

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Problem & Question 

Possible Solutions 

Missing one of the primary colors (red, 
green, or blue) 


Inspect the monitor’s video cable and make sure that none of the 
pins are bent. 


Make sure the monitor’s video cable is properly connected to the 

Screen image is not centered or sized 


Adjust horizontal and vertical screen position. 


For VGA input, the auto-adjustment function may fix this problem. 

Picture has color defects (white does 
not look white) 


Adjust RGB color or select color temperature. 

Unable to set the monitor to the optimal 


Make sure that the graphics card supports the optimal 
resolution (1440 x 900). 


Make sure that the latest supported driver is installed for the 
graphics card. For HP and Compaq systems, you can download 
the latest graphics driver for your system from:


For other systems, refer to the Web site for your graphics card.