Installing Drivers and Using the Auto-Adjustment Feature Monitor pavilion HP HP Pavilion 19 inch Flat Panel Monitors

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Installing Drivers and Using the Auto-Adjustment Feature 


Downloading Drivers and Software 

To download the latest version of drivers and software files from the HP Support Web site:  

Refer to:


Select your country/region. 
Select Download Drivers and Software
Enter the model number of your monitor. The software download pages for your monitor will be displayed. 
Download and install the driver and software files using the instructions in the download pages. 


Using the Auto-Adjustment Function 

Press the AUTO button to optimize the screen performance for VGA (analog). 

Do not use this procedure if your monitor is using DVI input. If your monitor is using VGA (analog) 
input, auto-adjustment can correct the following image quality conditions:  


Fuzzy or unclear focus 


Ghosting, streaking, or shadowing effects 


Faint vertical bars 


Thin, horizontal scrolling lines 


An off-center picture