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Setting the Optimal Resolution


Adjusting the Volume


Using Headphones


Locking the OSD 


Adjusting OSD Settings


OSD Menu



Setting the Optimal Resolution 

The recommended resolution for this monitor is 1440 by 900. To configure the monitor to this resolution, 
complete the setup procedure and make sure that the monitor is connected to the computer. Turn the monitor on 
and do the following:  

Click Start
Click Settings
Click Control Panel
Double-click Display
Click Settings

Set the resolution slide bar to 1440 by 900. 




 If 1440 by 900 is not shown, download the monitor driver from the Web. See 

Using the 


 for instructions.



Adjusting the Volume 

Press the volume increase and decrease buttons to adjust volume to the desired level. Volume can range from 0 
(mute) to 100. The preset value is 50. 

Using Headphones 

Headphones can be attached to the jack. When headphones are attached, external sound is muted.  

Locking the OSD 

To lock the OSD (onscreen display), press and hold the MENU button while the monitor is off, then press the 
power button to turn the monitor on. To unlock the OSD, repeat the locking procedure. When the OSD is locked, 
settings cannot be changed in the OSD menu.