Wall Mounting Arm Monitor pavilion HP HP Pavilion 19 inch Flat Panel Monitors

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Wall Mounting Arm 

Preparing to Install An Optional Wall Mounting Arm (Not supplied)


Installing a Wall Mounting Arm 



Preparing to Install a Wall Mounting Arm (Not supplied) 


This monitor can be attached to a wall mounting arm that you purchase separately. 



CAUTION: Before disassembling the monitor, turn off the monitor power, and 
disconnect all power, video, and audio cables. 


Disconnect the cables from the monitor. 
With the panel face-down on a protected surface, remove the screws and the pedestal attachment. 
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the wall mounting arm. 


Installing a Wall Mounting Arm

 for further installation instructions.  


Installing a Wall Mounting Arm 

Set the monitor screen down on a flat, soft, protected surface. 
Place the wall mounting arm onto the back of the monitor. Line up the holes of the arm with the mounting holes 

in the back of the monitor. 

Insert four screws into the mounting holes and tighten. 
Reconnect the cables. Refer to the user’s manual that came with the wall mounting arm (purchased separately) 

for instructions on attaching it to the wall.