Securing the stand to a countertop Po HP Система для розничной торговли HP RP9 G1 модель 9015

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Securing the stand to a countertop

1. Remove the cover from the neck of the stand 1, and then 

slide the base cover forward and lift it off the base 2.

2. Fasten the stand to a countertop using the appropriate 

fastening devices (not provided by HP) for your surface.

3. Slide the base cover onto the base of the stand 1, and 

then replace the neck cover on the neck of the stand 2.

Adjusting the stand

Adjust the display head to the appropriate position for your 

application. The suggested working angle is -5 degrees to 80 


Removing the stand

1. Lay the RP9 face down on a flat surface covered by a soft 

clean cloth.

2. Push up the release latch on the rear of the display head 


, tilt the stand back 2, and then lift the stand from the 

display head 3.

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