HP RP Compact Po HP Система для розничной торговли HP RP9 G1 модель 9015

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Installation Instructions

HP RP9 Compact 


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Second Edition: February 2016
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Before you begin

1. Save all files and shut down the computer properly 

through the operating system, and then turn off any 

external devices.

2. Disconnect the power cord from the AC outlet, and 

disconnect all cables from the rear of the computer.

WARNING! To avoid the risk of serious injury or 

damage to the system, ensure that the power cord 

is unplugged from the AC outlet at the wall before 

installing this product. Failure to do so may expose 

you to the risk of electric shock.

NOTE: For regulatory and safety notices, refer to 

the Product Notices included with your product. 

Product support

For the online access to technical support information, 

self-solve tools, online assistance, community forums or 

IT experts, broad multivendor knowledge base, 

monitoring and diagnostic tools, go to 


NOTE: If you need help preparing your computer model 

for this installation, refer to the documentation provided 

with the computer, or go to www.hp.com/support to 

locate the manual for your model.

Removing the VESA plate

You may need to remove the VESA plate from the rear of the 

RP9 before installing the stand. Remove the four screws 

securing the VESA plate, and then remove the plate.

Installing the VESA cover

1. Select the VESA cover for your RP9 model size.

2. Angle the top section of the VESA cover toward the top 

side of the stand's hinge 1, and then press the section 

down onto the mounting bracket 2. Angle the bottom 

section of the VESA cover toward the bottom side of the 

stand's hinge 3, and then press the section down onto the 

mounting bracket 4.

Installing the stand

1. Lay the RP9 face down on a flat surface covered by a soft 

clean cloth.

2. Slide the tabs on the top of the stand mount into the slots 

on the display head 1, and then rotate the bottom of the 

stand mount down onto the display head so that it snaps 

into place 2.

Routing cables

1. Connect the cables to the appropriate rear connectors.
2. Remove the cable routing cover from the neck of the 

stand 1.

3. Route the cables from the connectors on the rear panel 

down the neck of the stand, and then through the hole in 

the center of the base 2 and out the underside of the 


4. Replace the cable routing cover on the neck of the stand 

to cover the cables 3.

18.5” RP9 model

15.6” RP9 model