A.4 Using the ATI CATALYST® Control Center Asus prime Asus M3A78-EM

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1.   Right-click on the Windows


 desktop, then click ATI.CATALYST(R).Control.

Center from the shortcut menu. The ATI CATALYST Control Center screen 


2.  Click.Graphics.Settings > 

CrossFire™, then clear the 

Enable.CrossFire™ check box. 

When a confirmation message 

pops up, click Yes. The screen 

blacks out for about one minute.

3.  Click OK
4.  Right-click on the Windows


 desktop, then click Personalize from the 

shortcut menu. 

5.   Click Display.Settings. Select [Default.


Graphics, then select the check boxes 

of This.is.my.main.monitor and Extend.

the.desktop.onto.this.monitor. Click 

OK, and then Yes from the confirmation 


6.  Restart the system. Right-click on the Windows


 desktop, then click ATI.

CATALYST(R).Control.Center from the shortcut menu. The ATI CATALYST 

Control Center screen appears. 

7.  Click.Graphics.Settings > CrossFire™, then select the Enable.

CrossFire™ check box. When a coonfirmation pops up, click Yes. The 

screen blacks out for about one minute.

8.  Click OK. The onboard graphics card is set to be the main monitor.

If you are using both an add-on and the on-board graphics cards at same time 

and want to set the onboard graphics card as your main monitor, follow the 

instructions on the next page.