2.4.3 Chipset Asus prime Asus M3A78

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Bank Interleaving [Auto]

Allows you to enable the bank memory interleaving.  

Configuration options: [Disabled] [Auto]

Channel Interleaving [Disabled]

Allows you to enable the channel memory interleaving.  

Configuration options: [Disabled] [Address bits 6] [Address bits 12] 

[XOR of Address bits [20:16, 6]] [XOR of Address bits [20:16, 9]]

MemClk Tristate C3/ATLVID [Disabled]

Allows you to enable or disable MemClk Tri-Stating during C3 and Alt VID. 

Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]

Memory Hole Remapping [Enabled]

Allows you to enable or disable memory remapping around memory hole. 

Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]

DCT Unganged Mode [Auto]

Allows you to select unganged DRAM mode (64-bit width). 

Configuration options: [Auto] [Always]

Power Down Enable [Enabled]

Allows you to enable or disable DDR power down mode. 

Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]

ECC Configuration


ECC Configuration

ECC Mode 


DRAM ECC Enable 






4-Bit ECC Mode 



DRAM BG Scrub 



Data Cache BG Scrub 



L2 Cache BG Scrub 



L3 Cache BG Scrub 


Set the level of ECC 

protection. Note: 

The ‘Super‘ ECC mode 

dynamically sets the 

DRAM scrub rate so all 

of memory is scrubbed 

in 8 hours.

ECC Mode [Disabled]

Enables or disables the DRAM ECC that allows the hardware to report and 

correct memory errors automatically. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Basic] 

[Good] [Super] [Max] [User]

Alternate VID [Auto]

Specifies the alternate VID while in low power states. Configuration options: 

[1.150V] [1.125V] [1.100V] [1.075V] [1.050V] [1.025V] [1.000V] [0.975V] [0.950V] 

[0.925V] [0.900V] [0.875V] [0.850V] [0.825V] [0.800V] [Auto]