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Chapter 3: Software support

Configuring Express Gate in BIOS Setup

Enter BIOS setup by pressing DEL key after powering on or by clicking on the 

BIOS setup icon on Express Gate’s first screen. Express Gate configuration 

options are under the Tools menu.

Updating Express Gate 

You may update your existing Express Gate software to new versions. New 

versions of the Express Gate software will be released regularly, adding 

refinements or new applications. You can find original version of the software on 

the support DVD or download new versions from the ASUS support website.
To update Express Gate

1.  Double-click the Express Gate setup 

file to start software update.

2.  A software update confirmation 

dialog box appears. Click Yes to 


3.  The InstallShield Wizard for Express Gate appears. Click Next to continue.
4.  Follow the screen instructions to complete installation.

Repairing Express Gate

In case Express Gate cannot start normally, you can repair Express Gate by 

reinstalling the software or using the repairing utility. 
To repair Express Gate
•  Click Start > All Programs > Express 

Gate > Express Gate Installer > 

Repair this software.

•  Double click the Express Gate setup 

file, choose Repair, and click Next to 



Main     Ai Tweaker     Advanced     Power     Boot     



ASUS EZ Flash 2

Express Gate 


 Enter OS Timer 

[10 Seconds]

 Reset User Data 


Press ENTER to run 

the utility to select 

and update BIOS. 

This utility doesn't 

support :

1.NTFS format