3.3 ASUS Express Gate Asus prime Asus M3A78

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The First Screen

Express Gate’s first screen appears 

within a few seconds after you power 

on the computer. From here, you can 

immediately start the web browser or 

You can also choose to continue booting 

normally (e.g. to your installed OS such 

as Windows), enter BIOS setup, or power 

If you don’t make any selection, Express 

Gate will automatically exit and boot to your normal OS after a certain amount of 

time. The timer countdown is shown on-screen inside the “boot to OS” button. As 

you move the mouse or type a key, the countdown stops and the timer disappears, 

so you can take your time to make a selection.

The Express Gate Environment

The very first time you enter the Express 

Gate environment (by launching either 

web or Skype from the first screen), a 

first time wizard will guide you through 

basic Express Gate configurations. Basic 

configurations include language, date 

and time and screen resolution.

5.  Select the target disk volume for 

you to install Express Gate. If you 

have multiple volumes and OS 

installed in your hard drive, it is 

recommended to install Express 

Gate in Volume C. Click Next to 


6.  Follow the screen instructions to 

complete installation.