2.6 Boot menu Asus prime Asus M3A78

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Chapter 2: BIOS setup


Boot menu

The Boot menu items allow you to change the system boot options. Select an item 

then press <Enter> to display the sub-menu.

   Select Screen

    Select Item

Enter Go to Sub Screen

F1    General Help

F10   Save and Exit

ESC   Exit

v02.61 (C)Copyright 1985-2008, American Megatrends, Inc.

  Boot Settings Configuration


Specifies the Boot 

Device Priority 


A virtual floppy disk 

drive (Floppy Drive B:) 

may appear when you set 

the CD-ROM drive as the 

first boot device.


Main    Advanced    Power    


    Tools    Exit

Boot Device Priority

Boot Settings

VCORE Voltage, 3.3V Voltage, 5V Voltage, 12V Voltage [xx.xxxV] or 


The onboard hardware monitor automatically detects the voltage output through 

the onboard voltage regulators.

Smart Q-Fan Function [Enabled]

Allows you to enable or disable the ASUS Q-Fan feature that smartly adjusts the 

CPU fan speeds for more efficient system operation. 

Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]

Fan Auto Mode Start Voltage [5.0V]

Allows you to set the fan auto mode start voltage. Configuration options: [4.0V] 

[4.5V] [5.0V] [5.5V] [6.0V]

Fan Auto Mode Start Speed Temp [25ºC]

Allows you to set the smart Q-Fan start working temperature. Configuration 

options: [25ºC] [26ºC] [27ºC] [28ºC] [29ºC] [30ºC] [31ºC] [32ºC] [33ºC] [34ºC] 

[35ºC] [36ºC] [37ºC] [38ºC] [39ºC] [40ºC]

Fan Auto Mode Full Speed Temp [55ºC]

Allows you to set the smart Q-Fan full speed temperature. Configuration options: 

[51ºC] [52ºC] [53ºC] [54ºC] [55ºC] [56ºC] [57ºC] [58ºC] [59ºC] [60ºC] [61ºC] [62ºC] 

[63ºC] [64ºC] [65ºC] [66ºC]