2.4.4 Onboard Device Configuration Asus prime Asus M3A78

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Chapter 2: BIOS setup

2.4.4   Onboard Device Configuration

Serial Port1 Address [3F8/IRQ4]

Allows you to select the Serial Port1 base address.  

Configuration options: [Disabled] [3F8/IRQ4][2F8/IRQ3] [3E8/IRQ4] [2E8/IRQ3]

Parallel Port Address [378]

Allows you to select the Parallel Port base addresses.  

Configuration options: [Disabled] [378] [278] [3BC]

Parallel Port Mode [Normal]

Allows you to select the Parallel Port  mode.  



Configuration options: [Normal] [EPP] [ECP] [EPP+ECP]

Parallel Port IRQ [IRQ7]

Configuration options: [IRQ5] [IRQ7]

HDAudio Controller [Enabled]

Enables or disables the high definition audio controller. 

Configuration options: [Enabled] [Disabled]

Front Panel Select [HD Audio]

Configuration options: [HD Audio] [AC97]

Select Screen

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+-   Change Option

F1   General Help

F10   Save and Exit

ESC   Exit

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Onboard Devices configuration

Serial Port1 Address 



Parallel Port Address 



Parallel Port Mode 




Parallel Port IRQ 



HDAudio Controller 



Front Panel Select 


[HD Audio]

OnBoard LAN Controller 




OnBoard LAN Boot ROM   


Allows BIOS to Select 

Serial Port1 Base 





Primary Display Adapter [GFX-GPP-PCI]

Allows you to select which graphics controller to use as the primary boot device. 

Configuration options: [GFX-GPP-PCI] [GPP-GFX-PCI] [PCI-GFX-GPP]