2.1.2 ASUS Update utility Asus prime Asus M3A78

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•  ASUS Update requires an Internet connection either through a network or an Internet  

  Service Provider (ISP). 


•  This utility is available in the support DVD that comes with the motherboard package.

Updating the BIOS

To update the BIOS:

From the Windows


 desktop, click Start > Programs > ASUS > ASUSUpdate > 

ASUSUpdate to launch the ASUS Update utility. 


From the dropdown list, select any of the updating process:

Updating from the Internet


a.  Select Update BIOS from the Internet, then click Next.


b.  Select the ASUS FTP site nearest you to avoid network traffic, or click Auto    


Select then click Next.


c.  From the FTP site, select the BIOS version that you wish to download then click  



The ASUS Update utility is capable of updating itself through the Internet. Always update 

the utility to avail all its features.

Updating from a BIOS file


a.  Select Update BIOS from a file, then click Next.


b.  Locate the BIOS file from the Open window, then click Open.


Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the updating process.


ASUS Update utility

The ASUS Update is a utility that allows you to manage, save, and update the motherboard 

BIOS in Windows



Installing ASUS Update

To install ASUS Update:

Place the support DVD in the optical drive. The Drivers menu appears. 


Click the Utilities tab, then click Install ASUS Update


Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

Quit all Windows


 applications before you update the BIOS using this utility.