User Controls Z series Acer Z850V

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User Controls

1.  When making a direct connection from your computer to the projector

Step 1: Find an IP Address ( from LAN function of projector.

Step 2: Select apply and press “Enter” button to submit function or press “menu” key to 


Step 5: Click 

Use the following IP 

address, and type in as below:
1) IP address:
2) Subnet mask:
3) Default gateway:

Step 6: To open Internet Options, click IE 

web browser, click Internet Options, 

click the 

Connections tab and click 

“LAN Settings...”.

Step 7: The 

Local Area Network (LAN) 

Setting dialog box appears. In the 

Proxy Server area, uncheck  Use 

a proxy server for your LAN, then 

click “OK” button twice.

Step 8: Open your IE and type in the IP 

address of in the 

URL then press “Enter” key.

Step 3: To open Network Connections, 


Start, click Control Panel


Network and Internet 

Connections, and then click 

Network Connections. Click the 

connection you want to configure, 
and then, under 

Network Tasks 

, click 

Change settings of this 


Step 4: On the 

General tab, under 

This connection uses the 

following items, click Internet 

Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click