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Auto: When a HDMI 1.4a 3D timing identification signal is de-

tected, the 3D image is selected automatically.

Choose “On” to enable 3D function.

Choose “Off” to disable 3D function.

  3D Invert

If you see a discrete or overlapping image while wearing DLP 3D 

glasses, you may need to execute “Invert” to get best match of left/

right image sequence to get the correct image.

  3D Format

Use this feature to select the 3D format. Options are: “Frame 

Packing”, “Side-by-Side (Half)”, “Top and Bottom”, “Frame Sequen-

tial”, and “Field Sequential”.


Use this feature to select 96 or 144Hz refresh rate as using 3D 

glasses in the1080p @ 24 frame packing.

“Frame Sequen-

tial” is supported 

the DLP Link 3D 

input signals from 

VGA / HDMI con-


“Frame Sequen-

tial” / “Field Se-

quential” are sup-

ported the HQFS 

3D input signals 

from Composite/

S-Video connector 


“Frame Pack-

ing” / “Side-by-

Side(Half)” / “Top 

and Bottom” are 

supported from 

HDMI 1.4a 3D 

input signals.