User Controls Z series Acer Z850V

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User Controls

  Auto Power Off (Min)

Sets the countdown timer interval. The countdown timer will start, 

when there is no signal being sent to the projector. The projector 

will automatically power off when the countdown has finished (in 


  Laser Settings

Refer to page 32.

  High Altitude

On: The built-in fans run at high speed. Select this option when 

using the projector at altitudes above 2500 feet/762 meters or 


Off: The built-in fans automatically run at a variable speed ac-

cording to the internal temperature.

  Filters Remind (Hour)

Filters Remind (Hour): Set the filter reminder time.

Cleaning Up Remind: Select “Yes” to reset the dust filter hour 

counter after replacing or cleaning the dust filter.


Display the projector information for model name, SNID, source, 

resolution, software version, and aspect ratio on the screen.