User Controls Z series Acer Z850V

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User Controls



Use this function to set the desired startup screen. If changes are 

made they will take effect the next time the projector is powered 


Default: The default startup screen.

User: Use stored picture from “Screen Capture” function.

  Screen Capture

Press ► button to capture an image of the picture currently dis-

played on screen.

  Auto Source

On: The projector will search for other signals if the current input 

signal is lost.

Off: The projector will only search current input connection.


Press ► button to enable/disable input sources. The projector will 

not search for inputs that are not selected.

For successful 

screen capture, 

please ensure 

that the on-screen 

image does not ex-

ceed the projector’s 

native resolution. 


“Screen Capture” is 

not available when 

3D is enabled.

Before active 

this function, it is 

recommended that 

“Aspect Ratio” is 

set to the “Auto”.