User Controls Z series Acer Z850V

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User Controls


  Color Mode

There are many factory presets optimized for various types of im-

ages. Use the ◄ or ► button to select the item.

Bright: For brightness optimization.

Standard: For meeting presentation.

Movie: For playing video content.

Dark FPS: For game content.

User: Memorize user’s settings.

  Wall Color

Use this function to obtain an optimized screen image according 

to the wall color. You can select from “White”, “Light Yellow”, “Light 

Blue”, “Pink”, and “Dark Green”.


Adjust the brightness of the image.

Press the ◄ button to darken image.

Press the ► button to darken image.


The Contrast controls the difference between the lightest and dark-

est parts of the picture. Adjusting the contrast changes the amount 

of black and white in the image.

Press the ◄ button to decrease the contrast.

Press the ► button to increase the contrast.