Installation Z series Acer Z850V

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Contact the 

nearest service 

center if the 

projector displays 

these symptoms.

Powering Off the Projector

1.  Press the “ ” button on the remote control or 

on the control panel to turn off the projector. 

The following message will be displayed on the screen. 

   Press the “ ” button again to confirm otherwise the 

message will disappear after 10 seconds. When you 

press the “ ” button for the second time, the fan will start 

cooling the system and will shut down.

2.  The cooling fans continue to operate for about 4 seconds 

for cooling cycle and the POWER LED will flash Orange. 

When the POWER LED lights solid Orange, the projector 

has entered standby mode.

  If you wish to turn the projector back on, you must wait 

until the projector has completed the cooling cycle and 

has entered standby mode. Once in standby mode, simply 

press “ ” button to restart the projector.

3.  Disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet and 

the projector.

Warning Indicator

When the warning indicators (see below) come on, 

the projector will automatically shutdown:

  “LAMP” LED indicator is lit red and if “POWER” indicator 

flashes amber.

  “TEMP” LED indicator is lit red, this indicates the projector 

has overheated. Under normal conditions, the projector 

can be switched back on.

  “TEMP” LED indicator flashes red and if “POW-

ER” indicator flashes amber. 



Unplug the power cord from the projector, wait for 30 sec-

onds and try again. If the warning indicator light up again, 

please contact your nearest service center for assistance.