Installation Z series Acer Z850V

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Powering the Projector On / Off

Turn on the 

projector first and 

then select the 

signal sources.

Powering On the Projector

1.  Securely connect the power cord and signal cable. When 

connected, the POWER LED will turn Orange.

2.  Turn on the lamp by pressing “ ” button either on the projec-

tor or on the remote. At this moment, the POWER LED will 

now turn Blue.

  The startup screen will display in approximately 10 seconds. 

The first time you use the projector, you will be asked to 

select the preferred language and power saving mode. 

3.  Turn on and connect the source that you want to display 

on the screen (computer, notebook, video player, etc). The 

projector will detect the source automatically. If not, push 

menu button and go to “OPTIONS”.  

Make sure that the “Auto Source” has been set to “Off”.

If you connect multiple sources at the same time, press the 

“INPUT” button on the control panel or direct source keys on 

the remote control to switch between inputs.

When the power 

mode is in standby 

mode (power con-

sumption < 0.5W), 

the VGA output/

input and audio 

will be deactivated 

when the projector 

is in standby.