Guidelines for safe battery usage Veriton Acer Veriton M4650G

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Basic care and tips for using your computer - 15

your pocket or purse. Short-circuiting the terminals may damage the 
battery or the connecting object.
The capacity and lifetime of the battery will be reduced if the battery is 
left in hot or cold places, such as in a closed car in summer or winter. 
Always try to keep the battery between 15


 C and 25


 C (59


 F and 



 F). A device with a hot or cold battery may not work temporarily, 

even when the battery is fully charged. Battery performance is 
especially limited in temperatures well below freezing.
Do not dispose of batteries in a fire as they may explode. Batteries 
may also explode if damaged. Dispose of batteries according to local 
regulations. Please recycle when possible. Do not dispose as 
household waste.
Wireless devices may be susceptible to interference from the battery, 
which could affect performance.


Please refer to for battery shipping documents.