English Sa series Acer SA220Q

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Acer LCD Monitor Quick Start Guide (QSG)

Important safety instructions

Please read the following instructions carefully.
1.  To clean the LCD monitor screen:

•  Turn off the LCD monitor and unplug the power cord.

•  Spray a non-solvent cleaning solution onto a rag and clean the screen gently.

2.  Do not place the LCD monitor near a window. Exposing the monitor to rain, moisture or sunlight can severely damage it.

3.  Do not apply pressure to the LCD screen. Excessive pressure may cause permanent damage to the display.

4.  Do not remove the cover or attempt to service this unit yourself. An authorized technician should perform servicing of 

any nature.

5.  Store the LCD monitor in a room with a temperature of -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F). Storing the LCD monitor outside this 

range may result in permanent damage.

6.  Immediately unplug your monitor and call an authorized technician if any of the following circumstances occur:

•  Monitor-to-PC signal cable is frayed or damaged.

•  Liquid spills onto the LCD monitor or the monitor is exposed to rain.

•  The LCD monitor or case is damaged.

Package contents

LCD monitor

Quick start 


VGA cable

AC Adapter

AC Power 


HDMI cable 


DVI cable 


Audio cable 


Adjusting the monitor base

1.  Carefully remove the monitor from its packaging.
2.  Pull the monitor base out fully so that the monitor can be placed on a stable surface in the upright position.

3.  Secure the monitor base by turning the white screws (at the bottom of the base) using the integrated tab or a suitable 


Connecting your monitor to a computer

1.  Turn off your computer and unplug your computer’s power cord.

2.  Connect the signal cable to the VGA and/or DVI-D (optional) and/or 

HDMI input socket of the monitor, and the VGA and/or DVI-D (optional) 

and/or HDMI output socket of the graphics card on the computer. Then 

tighten the thumbscrews on the signal cable connector.

3.  Connect one end of the adapter to the monitor and the other end to a 

properly grounded, AC outlet.

4.  Plug the power cords of your computer and your monitor into a nearby 

electrical outlet.

5.  Connect the audio cable (Optional).

Connect an audio cable to the audio port of the monitor.

Note: Audio output is only for audio output model. Please check user 

manual for more instruction.

Panel controls

No. Item



Power button / 


Turns the monitor on/off. Blue indicates power on. 

Blinking blue indicates standby / power saving 







Press the 




 button to navigate to the desired 

function or to change the settings of the current 



Menu / Enter 


Press to view the OSD menu. Press it again to 

enter a selection in the OSD menu.


Auto / Exit 


•  When the OSD menu is active, press this button 

to exit the OSD menu.

•  When the OSD menu is inactive, press this 

button to activate the Auto Adjustment function.




Press this button to open the Acer eColor 

Management OSD and access the scenario modes.

Be sure that your monitor is electrically rated to operate with the AC power available in your location.



•  Acer will not be liable for damage resulting from use of any ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners.

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