OSD Menu Ha series Acer HA240Y

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OSD Menu

The OSD menu is used for adjusting the OSD menu location and the timeout setting. 

OSD Timeout


1   Press the Menu button to bring up the OSD menu.

2   Press the 




 button to select 

 OSD and press the Menu button to enter the 

OSD menu. 

6   Brightness: Adjust the brightness from 0 to 100. 

7   Contrast: Adjust the contrast from 0 to 100.

Note: Adjusts the balance between light and dark shades.

Note:  Sets the degree of difference between light and dark areas. 

3   Press the  




  button to adjust the OSD Timeout (10 ~ 120 seconds), the default is 

10 seconds.

8. H.Position: adjust the horizontal position of the picture.
9. V.Position: adjust the vertical position of the picture.
10. Focus: adjust clk phase to ADC.
11. Clock: adjust ADC Clock Fast Lock.
12. Color Temp is for user to adjust the colour temperature from blue light, warm, cool 

and user. The default value is warm.

13. 6-axis Saturate: Adjust saturation of red, green, blue, yellow, magenta and cyan.

6-axis Hue: Adjust hue for red, green, blue, yellow, magenta and cyan.

14. Auto Config: Press this button to activate the Auto Adjustment function. The Auto 

adjustment function is used to set the HPos, VPos, Clock and Focus. (Only available on 
VGA port.)