Installation Ha series Acer HA240Y

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To install the monitor on your host system, please follow the steps below:


2    Connect the adapter

a   Connect the AC cord to the adapter.
b   Connect one end of the adapter to the monitor and the other end to a properly  

grounded, AC outlet.

3    Turn on the monitor and computer

Turn on the monitor first, then the computer. This sequence is very important.

4    If the monitor does not function properly, please refer to the troubleshooting section 

to diagnose the problem.

Note: Audio output is only for audio output model.

In order to prevent damage to the monitor, do not lift the monitor by its base.

1   Connect cable(s)

a Make sure both the monitor and computer are switched off.

b Connect the VGA video cable to the computer.

c Connect DVI Cable (Optional, only Dual-Input Model)to the computer.

d Connect the HDMI Cable (Optional, only HDMI-Input Model)to the computer.

e Connect the audio cable (Optional, only Audio-input Model)to the computer.