Screen position adjustment Ha series Acer HA240Y

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Screen position adjustment

To optimize the viewing position, you can adjust the 
monitor tilt, using both of your hands to hold the edges 
of the monitor. The monitor can be adjusted to 15 
degrees up or 5 degrees down.

Connecting the adapter and AC Power cord 

•   Check first to make sure that the power cord you use is the correct type required for 

your area.

•   The monitor has a universal power supply that allows operation in either 100/120 V 

AC or 220/240 V AC voltage area. No user-adjustment is required.

•   Plug one end of the AC power cord to the Adapter, and plug the other end into an 

AC outlet.

•   For units using 120 V AC:

Use a UL-listed cord set, type SVT wire and plug rated 10 A/125 V.

•   For units using 220/240 V AC:

Use a cord set consisting of H05VV-F cord and plug rated 10 A/250 V. The cord set 
should have the appropriate safety approvals for the country in which the equipment 
will be installed.

Power saving

The monitor will be switched to “power saving” mode by the control signal from the 
display controller, as indicated by the blinking blue light.


LED light



Standby/Power saving

Blinking Blue

The power saving mode will be kept until a 
control signal has been detected or the keyboard 
or mouse is activated. The recovery time from 
“power saving” mode back to “on” is around 3