Color H series Acer H7850

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Note 1: "Saturation" and "Tint" functions are not supported under 

computer or HDMI mode.
Note 2: Functions vary depending on model definition.


RGB Gain/Bias

Adjusts the red gain/green gain/blue gain/red bias/green bias/blue 

bias for color optimization.
AcuEngine: Adjust the AcuEngine parameters.

AcuColor: Use to significantly increase the image’s vividness.

AcuMotion: Activate AcuMotion to provide a smoother image 
when viewing video content.

AcuMotion Demo: This feature enables you to see the 
difference in the image quality between the raw unprocessed 

image and the image processed as processed by the 

AcuMotion. Use this mode to check the adjustments that you 

make to the AcuMotion settings.

Dynamic Black

Choose "On" to automatically optimize the display of dark movie 

scenes enabling them to be shown in incredible detail.

Compatible with the latest HDR format, which delivers crisp, clear 

images with sharp changes in brightness, and provides realistic 

images with enhanced details, extended depth of field, and rich 

color gamut. HDR has 4 levels and each level suits different type of 

content, including dark and bright scene.

<Note> If the HDR option is adjusted under the SDR (Standard 

Dynamic Range) signal, the screen is an abnormal color.

1. The certified ISF technician will calibrate and optimize the 

projection image according to your actual environment. The ISF 

input password will be kept by technician only.

2. “ISF Day” and “ISF Night” will not be shown in display mode if 

projector equipped with ISF function has not been calibrated by an 

ISF certified technician. For more information, please go to ISF 

official website: and contact the 

dealer located in your country.

3. The ISF calibration will be charged and guaranteed by ISF 

certified calibrator, and thereby Acer is not responsible for the 

calibration service.