Turning the Projector On/Off H series Acer H7850

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Turning the projector off


To turn the projector off, press and hold the power button. This message 
appears: "Please press the power button again to complete the shutdown 
process." Press the power button again.


The LED power indicator will turn RED and blink rapidly after the projector 
is turned off, and the fan(s) will continue to operate for about 10 seconds 
to ensure that the system cools properly.


Once the system has finished cooling, the LED power indicator will stop 
blinking and turn solid red to indicate standby mode.


It is now safe to unplug the power cord.

Warning indicators:

"Projector Overheated. Lamp will automatically turn off soon."
This onscreen message indicates that the projector has overheated. 
The lamp with automatically turn off, the projector will automatically 
shut down, and the LED temp indicator will turn solid red. Contact 
your local dealer or service center.

"Fan failed. Lamp will automatically turn off soon."
This onscreen message indicates that the fan has failed. The lamp will 
automatically turn off, the projector will automatically shut down, 
and the LED temp indicator will blink. Contact your local dealer or 
service center.

Note 1: Whenever the projector automatically shuts down and the 
LED lamp indicator turns solid red, contact your local reseller or 
service center.
Note 2: Functions vary depending on model definition.
Attention! The projector will enter a two minute cool down 
period to ensure continued optimal lamp operation.
Attention! Please do not turn off projector within 1 minute after 
power on.