Using D glasses H series Acer H6519ABD

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The Acer projector you have bought has integrated DLP technology.

If you have connected your projector to a computer, please read sections  
"Using DLP 3D / NVIDIA 3DTV Play technology" on page 4.

If you have connected your projector to a DVD or Blu-ray player, please read 
"Watching 3D DVD or Blu-ray content" on page 7.

Important: When you turn the 3D technology on, you will be 
shown a reminder that 3D is enabled. If you do not wish to view 
3D content, you should turn it off, otherwise the image may not 
be projected at full brightness.

Using 3D glasses

DLP 3D glasses are powered. In order to enhance battery life, they turn off after 
a few minutes of inactivity. Before you can view 3D content, you need to ensure 
the glasses are turned on. In many cases, there is a power switch on one of the 
arms that you can press, and an LED that indicates if the glasses are turned on 
or not.

Note: Refer to the documentation that came with your glasses for 
instructions how to turn them on and how to change the battery.


Note: Suggest to use Acer DLP 3D glasses to enjoy perfect 3D 
performance without compatibility issues.


Note: Require DLP Link 3D glasses and support 96Hz, 100Hz, 
120Hz sync signal. Acer projectors need 3D glasses to support 
144Hz sync signal for 24P contents. (1080P, 24Hz)