Turning the Projector On/Off H series Acer H6519ABD

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Turning the Projector On/Off

Turning on the Projector


Ensure that the power cord and signal cable are securely connected. The 
Power indicator LED will flash red.


Turn on the projector by pressing "Power" button on the control panel or 
remote control, and the Power indicator LED will turn blue.


Turn on your source (computer, notebook, video player, etc.). The 
projector will detect your source automatically.

If the screen displays "Lock" and "Source" icons, it means the 
projector is locked onto a specific source type and there is no such 
type of input signal detected.

If the screen displays "No Signal", please make sure the signal cables 
are securely connected.

If you connect to multiple sources at the same time, use the "Source" 
button on either control panel or the remote control or direct source 
key on the remote control to switch between inputs.

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