Color H series Acer H6510BD Plus

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Note 1: "Saturation" and "Tint" functions are not supported under 

computer or HDMI mode.
Note 2: Functions vary depending on model definition.


Ind. Color Management

Adjusts the red, green, blue, cyan, yellow and magenta colors.
Ind. Hue

Adjusts the color balance of red and green.
Ind. Saturation

Adjusts the selected color to be less or more saturated color.
Ind. Gain

Adjusts the selected color's contrast.
Brilliant Color

Produces an expanded on-screen color spectrum that delivers 

enhanced color saturation for bright, true-to-life images.
White Peaking

Increases the brightness of whites that are near 100%. (video 

sources only)
Film Mode

Sets the image optimized to 24-frame True Film mode.
Noise Reduction

Adjusts signal noise reduction."0" means the noise reduction is off, 

">0" increase noise reduction.
Black Extension

This ensures optimum black level for each analog source.

1. The certified ISF technician will calibrate and optimize the 

projection image according to your actual environment. The ISF 

input password will be kept by technician only.

2. “ISF Day” and “ISF Night” will not be shown in display mode if 

projector equipped with ISF function has not been calibrated by 

an ISF certified technician. For more information, please go to 

ISF official website: and 

contact the dealer located in your country.

3. The ISF calibration will be charged and guaranteed by ISF 

certified calibrator, and thereby Acer is not responsible for the 

calibration service.