Onscreen Display (OSD) Menus H series Acer H6510BD Plus

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Onscreen Display (OSD) Menus

The projector has multilingual OSD that allow you to make image adjustments 
and change a variety of settings.

Using the OSD menus

To open the OSD menu, press "MENU" on the remote control or control 

When the OSD is displayed, use the 

 keys to select any item in the 

main menu. After selecting the desired main menu item, press "ENTER" to 
enter submenu for feature setting.

Use the 

 keys to select the desired item and adjust the settings by 

using the 


Select the next item to be adjusted in the submenu and adjust as described 

Press "BACK" on the remote control or control panel, the screen will return 
to the main menu.

To exit OSD, press "BACK" on the remote control or control panel. The 
OSD menu will close and the projector will automatically save the new 

Note 1: Some of the following OSD settings may not be available. Please 

refer to the actual OSD of your projector.
Note 2: Functions vary depending on model definition.

Main menu

Sub menu