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Reseting your Chromebook

There may be times when you want to reset your Chromebook (for 
example, removing your personal information and settings). 
Completely reseting your Chromebook is known as "Powerwashing", 
which is basically factory resetting your computer. After 
powerwashing, your Chromebook will look like it did out of the box 
(including all apps that came pre-installed). To powerwash your 
Chromebook, do the following:

1. Select the Status area of the shelf in the lower-right corner of the 

screen (where your account picture appears).

2. Select Settings.
3. Select Show advanced settings...
4. In the Powerwash section, select Powerwash.
5. Select Restart.


Do not modify your Chromebook’s hardware yourself. Doing so will 
cause the update function to no longer work. Please get in touch with 
your dealer or an authorized service center. Visit to find 
an authorized service site.


Powerwashing your Chromebook will remove all local settings, data, 
and programs from your hard drive. Backup any data on your hard drive 
that is not saved online by moving it to Google Drive and waiting for it 
to sync.