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26 - Chrome OS tips and tricks

Google Drive

1. Press the Search key 

 on your keyboard or select the Launcher 

icon .

2. Select All Apps (or type "Google Drive").
3. Select the Google Drive 



4. Open a Google document you have already created or create one 

as you normally would (

see Creating a new document on 

page 17

). Notice the offline 

 icon displays next to the file name 

reminding you that you are working on this document while not 
connected to the internet.

5. Make your desired changes. The next time you are online and have 

Google Drive open, your local changes will upload to Google Drive.

You can’t open and access every type of file you have saved in 
Google Drive when there is no internet connection. To enable offline 
access to file types other than Google documents when offline, 


Enable offline access to Google Drive files on page 18



Any changes you make to a current document or any document you 
create while offline are saved locally on your computer and will not be 
seen if you open the document from Google Drive on another computer 
or device. The changes will only be reflected in the Google Drive online 
version of the document the next time you connect to the internet and 
access Google Drive.


If you make changes to a Google document while offline and someone else 
makes changes to the document as well (for example, if the document is 
shared with someone else), the next time you are online and have Google 
Drive open, your changes will merge with the other person’s changes.