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Chrome OS tips and tricks - 25

account if you don’t already have one). Then, you can login and 
create files or upload files you have already created and edit them. 

How to use your Chromebook when there’s no 


The Chrome Web Store contains useful offline apps (

see Installing 

new apps from the Chrome Web Store on page 15

). You’re able to 

filter your app search by selecting the Runs Offline checkbox. For 
those times you don’t have an internet connection, these apps help 
you stay productive and entertained. A few of the pre-installed options 
are described below.

Gmail Offline

1. Press the Search key 

 on your keyboard or select the Launcher 

icon .

2. Select All Apps (or type "Gmail Offline").
3. Select the Gmail Offline 


4. Use the app like you normally would. It’ll update and send your 

emails the next time you log on to the internet.


Office Online programs save files you create exclusively to Micrsoft’s own 
OneDrive cloud storage. Though you can download a file you create and then 
move it to Google Drive or a removable storage device, you cannot save it 
directly to those locations. Also, to work on a file you’ve already created, you 
must first upload it to OneDrive by selecting Open from OneDrive from 
within whichever Office Online product you are using (you can install the 
OneDrive app from the Chrome Web Store as well).


The first time you use Gmail Offline you MUST be connected to the internet 
to enable offline viewing.