How to share documents with other users Chromebook spin 11 Acer R751TN

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Chrome OS tips and tricks - 21

Finding your documents

All documents you create are saved to your Google Drive where they 
are online and accessible to other devices, such as your smartphone 
or tablet. To find your documents, do the following:
1. Select the Launcher icon.
2. Select All Apps (or type "Google Drive").
3. Select the Google Drive icon.
4. Select My Drive (or whatever sub-folder you’ve created to put your 

files in).

Since your files are saved in Google Drive, they are saved online and 
available anywhere you have internet access. To access your files 
from any internet-connected computer  do the following:
1. Open the computer’s web browser.
2. In the browser’s address bar, type "" (this is the 

Google Drive web address).

3. Login using your Google account username and password.
4. Select My Drive (or whatever folder you’ve created to put your files 


How to share documents with other users

1. Select the Share button 

 in the upper right corner of your 


2. Add people by typing in their email address. The sharing option 

works with your Gmail contacts, so as you type your email contacts 
appear for you to quickly select.

3. After you select Done 

, they’ll receive an email letting them 

know a document has been shared with them.