Difference between Drive and Files apps Chromebook spin 11 Acer R751TN

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16 - Apps & extensions

3. Two-finger tap (

see Touchpad on page 8

) on the app you want to 


4. Select Remove from Chrome... or Uninstall.

Pin an app to the shelf

1. Select the Launcher icon.
2. Select All Apps (or type the name of the desired app).
3. Locate and two-finger tap the desired app icon.
4. Select Pin to shelf.
To reorder the apps on the shelf, just drag them around.

Unpin an app from the shelf

1. Locate and two-finger tap the desired app icon from the shelf.
2. Select Unpin.

Google Drive 

All files saved to your  Google Drive are saved online and are 
accessible to other devices, such as your smartphone or tablet. Files 
saved to the Downloads folder are saved to your local drive and are 
only accessible to your Chromebook.

Difference between Drive and Files apps

Google Drive is a web-based storage service offered by Google, and 
the  Files app is the onboard storage system for your Chromebook. 
Because your Chromebook makes heavy use of the web, you can 
easily access files both from Google Drive and those that are stored 
locally by using the Files app on your Chromebook. To use the Files


Some apps such as the Chrome web browser cannot be uninstalled.


You must be connected to the Internet to do the following Google Drive