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You can enhance your Chromebook with extra web applications 
(apps, for short) and features for the browser (also known as 
extensions). Apps work like regular software programs for desktop 
computers, except they run entirely on the web. Extensions provide 
custom features and functionality for the Chrome browser. You can 
find both apps and extensions through the Chrome Web Store, a site 
dedicated to resources developed specifically for Chromebooks.

Managing apps

Installing new apps from the Chrome Web Store 

1. Select the Launcher icon.
2. Select All Apps (or type "Web Store").
3. Select Web Store.
4. You can then browse through the app categories in the left column 

or search for a specific type of app using the search box. 

5. When you find an app that you would like to add, select it and then 


6. A verification window will pop up, select Add to download and install 

the app, or select Cancel.

To open your new app, select the Launcher, then All Apps (or type 
the name of your new app), and then select the app.

Removing apps from Chrome OS

1. Select the Launcher icon


2. Select All Apps (or type the name of the desired app).


Certain apps and browser extensions may not be available in all countries 
and regions. The contents and design of the Chrome Web Store may vary by 
region. Updates may add new categories or change how to navigate the 
Chrome Web Store at any time.