Troubleshooting 20" series Acer M200A

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Before you call the Acer service center, please check the following items:

Here is a list of possible situations that may arise during the use of your monitor. Easy 
answers and solutions are provided for each.

Your monitor has no power.

•  Test power button on monitor rather than remote control.
•  Make sure the input mode is correctly set for your desired input.
•  Make sure the main power switch is turned on.
•  Make sure the power outlet is working properly and supplying the proper voltage.

No picture is displayed.

•  Make sure the input mode is correctly set for your desired input.
•  Make sure the antenna at the rear of the monitor is properly connected.
•  Make sure the input source (i.e. DVD player) is working properly.
•  Make sure the power is ON.
•  Try a different cable.

No sound is heard. 

•  Make sure the volume is not set to minimum or the sound is not set to mute.
•  Make sure the headphones are not connected.
•  Make sure the MUTE key is not pressed.
•  Make sure the audio connections are connected properly.

Picture is not clear.

•  Make sure the antenna cable is properly connected.
•  Consider whether your monitor signal is being properly received.
•  Poor picture quality can occur due to a VHS camera, camcorder, or other peripheral 

being connected at the same time. Switch off one of the other peripherals.

•  The 'ghost' or double image may be caused by obstruction to the antenna due to 

high-rise buildings or hills. Using a highly directional antenna may improve the 
picture quality.

•  The horizontal dotted lines shown on the pictures may be caused by electrical 

interference, e.g., hair dryer, nearby neon lights, etc. Turn off or remove these.

•  Try a different cable.

Picture is too dark, too light or tinted.

•  Check the color adjustment.
•  Check the brightness setting.
•  Check the sharpness function.

Remote control does not work.

•  Try new batteries in the remote control.
•  Make sure the remote sensor window is not under strong fluorescent lighting or 

blocked by an object.

•  Try to clean the remote control sensor lens on the monitor with a soft cloth.
•  Use the buttons (hotkeys) on the monitor before the remote control works.

If the above suggestions do not solve your technical issue, please refer to the warranty 
card for service information.