Changing channels 20" series Acer M200A

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Step .  Select the setup language you prefer.

Step 2.  Select the correct Time ZoneDST (Daylight Saving Time) and Time Format using 

the remote control.

Step 3.  Set the TV source to Air or Cable.

Step 4.  Ensure that your coaxial cables are connected correctly before proceeding.

Step 5.  Scan for digital channels and analog channels.

Step 6.  Setup is now complete. You are ready to begin watching TV. 


If you leave the setup process before it is complete, you will be asked if you want 


.  Resume setup wizard at next startup.


2.  Exit and run channel auto scan from the OSD.



Changing channels

Enter the desired channel with the 0-9 and   “- ” keys. The channel will change after 2 
seconds. Press enter with "OK" to change the channel immediately. 
Pressing the channel (CH) up / down button on the remote control will also change the 



Adjusting the volume

Adjust the volume level using the (VOL) up/down button on the remote control. 

Setup may vary due to local broadcast differences.

You can also adjust these settings using the front control panel. Please see 
"Front panel view" on page 6 for details.