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Chapter 4. Troubleshooting

Frequently asked questions 

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This section lists frequently asked questions by category.

Finding information

What safety precautions should I follow when using my computer?

Read and follow all safety precautions included in Lenovo Safety and General Information Guide.


To view Lenovo Safety and General Information Guide, select the Companion (or Lenovo PC Manager
icon on the taskbar. You can also download it from the Lenovo Support Web site.

What is the address of the Lenovo support Web site?

Where can I find warranty information?

Visit the Lenovo Support Web site and type the serial number for your computer to look up 
warranty information.

Lenovo preinstalled operating system and software

What is the Lenovo preinstalled operating system?

Some Lenovo computers come with copies of the operating system installed at factory. Lenovo 
provides computers with preinstalled operating system for your convenience. If you purchased 
such a computer, you can use your computer out of the box and do not need to install a separate 
operating system.

What is Lenovo preinstalled software?

This is software (developed by Lenovo or other software vendors) installed and licensed at 
factory for your convenience. The license for some preinstalled software may be for trial 
versions. When the trial period expires, you may need to purchase a license if you want to 
continue to use the software.


If a license agreement is displayed when you first start the software, read the agreement carefully. If 
you don’t accept the terms of the agreement, do not use the software.

When I purchased my computer, it included a copy of Windows. How can I determine whether the 
copy of Windows is preinstalled by Lenovo?

On the outside of the sales package of your computer, you should find a label containing 
configuration information for your computer. Check the printed string next to OS. If it contains 
Windows or WIN, the copy of Windows was preinstalled by Lenovo.

I uninstalled a preinstalled software, but there is no significant increase in the free drive space.

The copy of Windows running on your computer may be Compact-enabled. For computers with 
Compact-enabled Windows, the majority of files needed for preinstalled software are installed on the 
Recovery Partition and won’t be deleted through normal uninstallation.