TCO Certified Laptop spectre HP Ноутбук HP Spectre Pro 13 G1

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energía de producto para México a causa de factores como la configuración (componentes y módulos 

seleccionados) y el uso (tareas que se están efectuando, software instalado y en ejecución, etc.).


Esta ley no es aplicable a los workstations.

This product has been labeled in compliance with the Mexico Sustainable Energy Use Law requiring disclosure 

of power consumption in the normal use (idle mode) and standby modes. Your product is one of many 

configurations in this model family; the idle mode power consumption of your specific configuration may vary 

from the information on the label. Actual power consumption of your product may be higher or lower than the 

value reported on the Mexico product energy label due to factors such as configuration (components and 

modules chosen) and usage (tasks being performed, software installed and running, etc.).


Workstations are not labeled because the law is not applicable to the workstation product category.

Turkey EEE regulation

Omejevanje uporabe nekaterih nevarnih snovi (RoHS) za 


The equipment complies with requirements of the Technical Regulation, approved by the Resolution of 

Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine as of December 3, 2008 № 1057, in terms of restrictions for the use of certain 

dangerous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

TCO Certified 

This section applies only to products bearing the TCO Certified logo.

Turkey EEE regulation