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Australia and New Zealand notice

This equipment incorporates a radio transmitting and receiving device. In normal use, a separation distance of 

20 cm ensures that radio frequency exposure levels comply with the Australian and New Zealand Standards.

China WWAN notice

Japan notice

V-2 規定適合の場合

VCCI32-1 規定適合の場合

5GHz 帯を使用する特定無線設備は屋内使用に限られています。この機器を屋外で使用することは電波法で禁じられていま

Wireless LAN, Wireless WAN, and Bluetooth® certification markings

This product contains certified radio equipment.

Some products may use electronic regulatory labels (e-labels). To view the certification mark and numbers on 

an e-label, please refer to the previous “Accessing regulatory labels” section.


e ラベル)が使用されています。e ラベルの技適マークと認証番


Mexico notice

Declaración para México


Chapter 1   Regulatory notices for notebook and tablet computers