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Component replacement procedures

This chapter provides removal and replacement procedures.

There are as many as 95 screws and screw locks, in 15 different sizes, that must be removed,
replaced, or loosened when servicing the computer. Make special note of each screw and screw lock
size and location during removal and replacement.

Service tag

When ordering parts or requesting information, provide the computer serial number and model
description provided on the service tag.

Product name (1). This is the product name affixed to the front of the computer.

Serial number (s/n) (2). This is an alphanumeric identifier that is unique to each product.

Part number/Product number (p/n) (3). This number provides specific information about the
product's hardware components. The part number helps a service technician to determine what
components and parts are needed.

Warranty period (4). This number describes the duration (in years) of the warranty period for the

Model description (5). This is the alphanumeric identifier used to locate documents, drivers, and
support for the computer.


Chapter 4   Removal and replacement procedures