Power cord set requirements Laptop elitebook HP Планшетный ПК HP EliteBook 2740p

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Brazil notice

Este equipamento deve ser conectado obrigatoriamente em tomada de rede de energia elétrica que possua 

aterramento (três pinos), conforme a norma nbr abnt 5410,visando a segurança dos usuários contra choques 



Apparatets stikprop skal tilsluttes en stikkontakt med jord, som giver forbindelse til stikproppens jord.


Laite on liitettävä suojakoskettimilla varustettuun pistorasiaan.


Apparatet må tilkoples jordet stikkontakt.


Apparaten skall anslutas till jordat uttag.

Power supply requirements

The power supplies on some products have external power switches. The voltage select switch feature on the 

product permits it to operate from any line voltage between 100-127 or 200-240 volts AC. Power supplies on 

those products that do not have external power switches are equipped with internal circuits that sense the 

incoming voltage and automatically switch to the proper voltage.
For safety reasons, use only the AC adapter provided with the unit or an authorized replacement adapter from 

HP Inc. Replacement part numbers may be found at 



For use in Norway

This product is also designed for an IT power system with phase-to-phase voltage 230V.

Power cord set requirements

The power cord set received with the product meets the requirements for use in the country where the 

equipment was originally purchased. Use only the power cord provided with the unit or an authorized 

replacement power cord from HP Inc. or an approved HP Inc. source. Replacement part numbers may be found 




Power cord sets for use in other countries must meet the requirements of the country where you use the 

product. For more information on power cord set requirements, contact your authorized HP dealer, reseller, or 

service provider.


Do not use power cords from other products.

Mismatched power cords may result in a shock and fire hazard.

The requirements listed below are applicable to all countries:


The power cord must be approved by an acceptable accredited agency responsible for evaluation in the 

country where the power cord set will be installed.


The length of the power cord must be between 1.8 m (6 feet) and 3.6 m (12 feet). For a power cord 2.0 m 

(6.56 feet) or less, the diameter of the wire must be a minimum of 0.75 mm


 or 18AWG. If the power 

cord is longer than 2.0 m (6.56 feet), the diameter of the wire must be a minimum of 1.0 mm


 or 16AWG.


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